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Blackjack games can be like roller coasters, with large winning and losing swings during the course of play. Don’t get discouraged by these swings, because correct play will make you a winner in the long run.

As a rule if thumb, multiply your normal bet by 40 to determine how much to put on the table for one session of play. If you’re betting $2 at a time, $80 will be sufficient. With $5 bets, about $200 will be needed. You can even hedge and take less, about $50 for $2 bets and $100 for $5 bets, but that’s cutting it a little too thin.

Remember, play only with money you can afford to lose, that won’t affect you financially and/or emotionally. Try to double your stake at the table. If you do, leave at once. You’ve done well. Or, if the table is choppy, and you’re ahead, endeavor to leave a winner.

If you’re losing, don’t lose more than you bring to the table. Set a loss limit, and never reach into your pockets for more money. The first loss is the cheapest.

Money management can be as important as play. Keep control of your emotions and your money, and you’ll be a winner.

Leaving the Table When Ahead

When you’re ahead, it’s important to leave the table a winner.

There’s nothing more wearying than being a big winner, and staying too long, watching the cards run from hot to cold and losing back all the money you’ve won, and then, worse, finding you end up a loser.

Riding a Winning Streak

As we have shown, the player has many options, but the dealer has none at all. He or she must adhere to the rules of the particular casino where the game is taking place. This definitely is an advantage to the player.

Here’s one way to take advantage of this situation.

Sometimes, no matter how well you play, the cards run badly. When you get a 20, the dealer will get a 21, when you hold a blackjack, the dealer will turn over an immediate blackjack with a 10 on top. This happens.

Luck runs hot and luck runs cold, but in the end it evens out, while skill is always a constant factor.

Don’t get discouraged by losses at the table. If you play correctly, in the long run, you’ll end up as a winner. Nobody wins all the time, and good players won’t lose all the time either. In the end, a player who knows what he or she is doing will wind up with more money than the original bankroll.

We mentioned a bad run of luck. There are times however, when the opposite is true, when you’ll get a disproportionate number of blackjacks, when everything will be running your way.

When this happens, it’s wise to take advantage of the situation. Players call this a rush, and when you have that rush, try and make as much money as you can.

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