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Introduction: Mr. Blackjack is a dedicated blackjack player who has been playing blackjack professionally for over 10 years and has a solid track record for being one of the top blackjack players in the world. This site was designed to offer blackjack players of all sorts with compelling information about the game. Here on the Mr Blackjack gambling portal you'll find information including the rules of blackjack, blackjack strategy, how to count cards, free software downloads and much more... It it the hope of Mr Blackjack and everyone here that you enjoy our site and find use from our information.

The popularity of blackjack continues to grow for it’s the only game in the casino where the player has an edge over the house. This website will show you how to take advantage of that edge and beat any game the casino offers, whether it’s single or multiple deck blackjack! In order to have this edge, the player must know basic strategy and play this strategy correctly. But that’s not difficult to do, and it’s all here in this guide – everything the player must know to play at his best and beat the house.

The strategies shown throughout are based upon computer studies and should be studied carefully. They’re explained so that anyone, after a few hours of practice, can be a winner at online blackjack. This site is written in simple and clear language, and its purpose is in making you a winner at this most popular and exciting casino game!

Here at Mr-Blackjack you'll also find that we've included rules, the different types of blackjack which include the casino version and online blackjack, a brief overview of card counting techniques, a free download section and we've also included some fun play games that you can play directly from our website.

We hope you enjoy our site and find what you're looking for here, however if you don't please review our blackjack info section for more quality blackjack portals and information sites similar to Mr-Blackjack.

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